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It is the next step in technology for system development, with no or minimal use of programming code.

HS Platform® allows you to develop systems tailored to your needs or to the needs of your clients with the following advantages:

Low Code / No Code (LCNC)

  • Generation of applications in short times, without programming specialists

  • Intuitive user interfaces that reduce training times.

  • They use graphical interfaces to generate forms, formats, reports, access, permissions, process flows, business rules, etc.

  • Plan, develop and execute all kinds of solutions for your business or that of your clients.

  • It encourages operational users to actively participate in the development of their systems, improving the user experience and ensuring system adoption.

  • Flexible and scalable development, integrating processes natively.

  • Quick implementation, without installing software on each computer.

  • Little initial investment, compared to traditional development or parameterizable developments.

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